8 Aug, 2017

Visa Interview questions for International students

I know you are asking yourself “How do I pass the Visa Interview questions for International students”. To study as an international student in the United States, you need to obtain a student visa. After applying to a university of your choice, the school considers your application, and sends you an acceptance letter of admission once you have been acceptance. Then, comes the time to apply for a student visa, to apply, choose your category. After your application is reviewed, the United States embassy in your home country sets an interview date for you. Visa interview is the most important part of the whole process, as it determines if you are eligible to enter the country, irrespective of your admission letter.

Over a million international students apply for study visas every year, and a large percentage of this number are refused visas due to lack of evidence or their inability to answer the Visa Interview questions for International students correctly. Many international students find the visa interview questions, the hardest part of the whole process. You may be worried about your chances of securing a study visa. Do not be discouraged. The procedure and interview questions might be strict, but it is to measure the standard of the students entering the country. Students who follow the guidelines, tender the required documents, and impress the interviewer stand a higher chance of passing the Visa Interview questions for International students.


Before you get to sit before a visa officer for interviews, there are steps and procedures, you must have followed. These steps are very important to the success of your visa interview. There are generally five steps.

Prospective international students should apply to a SEVP-approved institution.

Students are required to select institutions accredited by the United States’ Student and Exchange Visitor Program(SEVP). Once you’ve been granted admission by the SEVP-approved institutions, you will be enrolled by the institution in the SEVIS system. A SEVIS-generated document called Form I-20 will be sent to you.

SEVIS fee payment and I-20 form collection

You are required to pay the SEVIS fee at least 3 days before submitting an application for US visa. Payment is done online through various payment platforms. You need the payment confirmation as proof of payment at your US student visa interview.

Apply for a US student visa

After you have received your SEVIS form and paid the SEVIS fee, you can make an appointment with the US embassy or consulate in your country. It is advised to apply as early as possible, irrespective of the time your program is due to start.

Visa application fee payment

Also called Machine Readable Visa Fee (MRV). Review the payment instructions available on your embassy website. It should be noted that the visa application fee is non-refundable. Your MRV payment receipt will be required during visa interview

Setting an appointment for your student visa interview

Finally, after completing the previous steps, you can now schedule and attend a visa interview. You can arrange for an interview at the nearest US embassy either by placing a call, or through online means.


Check the website of the US embassy or consulate in your home country for the required documents. Generally, these are the required documents:

A valid passport for at least 6 months beyond the program duration.

A signed SEVIS Form I-20.

MRV fee confirmation receipt.

MRV fee payment confirmation receipt.

1-2 photographs according to the required specification.

Diplomas and transcripts from earlier institutions.

Education, work and family details

Test scores required by educational institutions such as IELTS, TOEL, LSAT, and so much more.

Evidence of financial capability.

Visa Interview questions for International students

Visa interview involves a direct physical interact between the visa officer and the applicant. The purpose of this interview is to prove to the visa officer that you have enough skills, financial support, and a genuine intention to study.

After a stressful F-1 or J-1 visa application process, international students must pass through a visa interview in English. This can be difficult for students using English as a second language. International students must be ready to answer personal and specific questions about their study plan in the US.

Predicting the most likely questions can be a huge advantage. For students, most of the questions are related to these categories:



These questions are similar to your university application essays. The interviewer is interested in your choice to study in the US and not in your home country or anywhere else. These are the likely questions to be asked under this category.

Why did you choose the United States as your place of study?

What is your area of specialization in your degree?

Where did you go to school before?

What is the name of your current place of work, and what did you do?

How does this study program relate to your previous studies or work?

By answering these questions Visa Interview questions for International students, the visa officer is able to evaluate your reasons for choosing to study in the States.


The visa officer is interested in your choice of Institution. Choosing a top-quality institution improves your chances of a successful interview. These are the likely questions under this category.

How many Institutions did you apply to?

How many institutions offered you admission?

How many Institutions rejected you?

What city is your school located in?

Are you familiar with any of the professors at the Institution?


Your standardized test scores, transcript, and a previous GPA are evaluated during this interview. This is to determine your ability to succeed in your preferred program.

What are your test scores (GMAT, IELTS, SAT, TOEFL, and GRE)?

How fluent are you in English?

What was your previous GPA?

Can I see your see your High school certificate?

You are required to provide valid and original documents during this session


This is a very important part in a visa interview session. You cannot be awarded a student via without sufficient proof of the means to finance your education. It is good to have solid financial plan that covers not only the tuition, but also the cost of food, accommodation, transport, and health insurance. These are some of the Visa Interview questions for International students.

What is your monthly income?

How do you plan to fund the entire period of your stay?

How much does your institution cost?

Do you have a scholarship offer at your school?

What is your sponsor’s yearly income?



The visa is granted to those who have a solid plan of coming back home. It is important to show you have family, property, or a job offer that will lead to your return home.Some of the Visa Interview questions for International students.

Do you plan to return to your country?

Do you have friends or family in the US?

Do you have a job in mind after you graduate?

Your answer to these questions should show concrete evidence that you plan to leave the States after studies.

Many students go for these visa interviews with a lot of fear and insecurities. The visa officer is bound to sense those feelings and this might affect your performance during interview. Remember to stay calm all through the interview. Be well prepared and have all your required documents with you. Lastly, be open and honest, and the visa will be yours.

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