28 Jul, 2017

US University Scholarships

The United States of America has some of the best universities in the world and it is no hidden fact, that the cost of university education in the US is very expensive. Schooling in the United States is so expensive, even United states citizens apply for US University scholarships.

International students have more expenses, such as tuition, off-campus or on-campus accommodation, school materials like text books, and other miscellaneous items not forgetting the cost foreign exchange. As an international student seeking to further education in the United States, these obstacles, however, should not deter a prospective international student.

US University scholarships exist for the purpose of catering to every possible expense an international student might incur during the course of the education. US university scholarships are particularly important to foreign students because a lot of foreign students cannot get the quality of education they seek in their home countries. Things like this lead the United States to start creating scholarships. Government, corporations and other well-meaning individuals now followed suit.

Reasons for the creation of US University scholarships.

Scholarships were created for many reasons. Some of the reasons are stated as follows.

Scholarships help indigent people to achieve their goal of getting a good education. If you can’t afford an education, a scholarship removes the burden of working and begging to pay for your education.

Scholarships help people with unique abilities gain access to grants and funds to carry out cutting edge research to make the world a better place. A lot of inventors and scientist got scholarships to study in a US university and during their education, they met other like-minded people and they proceeded to create solutions to the world’s problems.

The reasons for scholarships are very diverse because it fosters international relationships and diplomatic ties.

Before a foreigner applies for a US university scholarship, the applicant has to do his or her due diligence. Some of the things required for US university scholarship applicant are highlighted in the procedure below.

Procedures for applying for a US University scholarship

Carry out research. A foreigner seeking scholarship in the US will need to research heavily to find out the available financial aids, grants and bilateral agreements that he or she will be eligible to apply.

Get all the necessary information. In applying for a US university scholarship, information will be the deciding factor in whether the student will be successful or not. During and after research the applicant will need to be loaded information so as to be distinguished from every other person seeking a scholarship.

US University Scholarships

Select a course. The foreign student seeking admission and scholarship to the US should have to have a course of study in mind. Such a student needs to know the course he wants to study. The courses of study should be chosen based on personal preference strengths and skills set. Someone who hates mathematics has no business studying engineering, neither does someone who hates blood studying medicine. Also, the course of study will determine the international exams the student will write.

Provide the correct information. When applying for a US University scholarship, you should try as much as possible to be honest. The scholarship bodies have methods of detecting false claims and incorrect information without the knowledge of the applicant, so you should try to be truthful and honest during the application

Be Organized– Try to itemize all the necessary documents you will need for your US University scholarship application in an orderly fashion. This will help you keep to timelines during your application process.

Write the necessary exams– There are some exams that a foreign student will be required to take. These exams were created as a form of universal assessment to provide a unified grading system for different candidates with the different educational syllabus. An example of such exam is SAT.

Kinds of US university scholarship.

US university scholarships are of different kinds, such as

Merit based– Merit based scholarships are scholarships offered to the most exceptional and distinguished students. Merit based scholarships are generally awarded to recognize specific achievements. Like the overall best student in a state during the state, exams might be given the scholarship to study any course of his or her choice in any university in the US. Scholarships like this are usually full scholarships.

Need based– Students that are not eligible for merit based scholarships, for various reasons, can apply for a need based scholarship. Need based are more rampant than merit based scholarship and more students are eligible to apply. Examples of such scholarships are the Federal scholarship board bilateral educational agreement (FSB BEA) scholarship, the Niger delta development scholarship (NDDC) are some the scholarships that a student can apply.

Also, universities in the United States offer various scholarships to foreigners. These scholarships can be awarded to various students provided they meet the necessary requirements, like high SAT scores, high TOEFL and the right course of study.

Benefits of scholarship.

Financial benefits– The financial benefits of a scholarship are overwhelming, the scholarship, especially to a university in the United States of America, allows the student to have more time get other jobs.The student saves more money and has extra to pay for other emergencies that may arise during the duration of their course of study.

Educational benefits– A person on with a US university scholarship has some distinct advantages over another person who pays for the education with their personal money. The scholarship student is regarded as more prestigious and accomplished because dull students are not perceived to be able to get scholarships. Scholarships also reduce the chances of a student falling below excellence in their academic duties. This is because the scholar will need to maintain

Career benefits– A scholarship from a university in the United States of America is a very good addition to the CV of a person. The scholarship opens the successful scholar to a world of opportunities, ranging from attractive job offers to an invitation to fellowships and research groups.

Personal benefits– The scholarship free up time for the student to engage in more fulfilling ventures that the scholar is passionate about. The scholar can start volunteering with homeless people, can join political activist groups, the scholar can even start guiding other indigence on how to get a US university scholarship.

The final thing you should understand when applying for a US University scholarship is that you should never give up, you might not be successful with your first application but you should keep on applying, one day you will get the scholarship.