20 Jul, 2017

United States Visa Interview Process

Preparing for your visa is the next itinerary after applying, paying for your visa application fee, gathered and arranged supporting documents neatly, and booking an appointment, the D-Day is around the corner and how well you prepare can ultimately determine the outcome of your United States visa interview process. United States Visa Interview Process is the most important aspect of the Visa Application Process; hence it is important to make adequate preparation to ace the interview process.

Getting your visa approved is not a difficult thing if you are well prepared. Being afraid won’t get you anywhere, and this is not needed. In order to make an impression, you should look confident, one way to make a stunning impression is to review your documents over and over and have a thorough grasp of every information in your application file so you won’t be caught unaware if any question is thrown at you.

During the interview, you must prove to the interviewer that you only intend staying in the US for a short period and that you have a very good reason to return to your home country. Do not state you will be working part time or anything like that. Prepare all your answers well, be point blank that you are only visiting temporarily. When answering every question throw at you, be honest and sincere, and speak properly. Being yourself, honest, confident and polite could make a big difference in this interview.

However, if you feel that you are not confident or comfortable with spoken American English, you are liable to requesting for an interpreter.

What you will face inside the US Embassy

First of all, you will go through security check

You will be required to give digital fingerprints.

The interview is oral.

Arrival Time for Interview/United States Visa Interview Process

Applicants are usually asked to arrive 15 minutes before the appointment time. If you arrive earlier than this 15 minutes, you will be directed to wait outside the Embassy. Upon your arrival, you may likely be told to wait in a queue and only visa applicants will be allowed inside the embassy, exemption is only granted to applicants that need an interpreter.

Upon entering the Embassy, security check will be done on your passport, Form DS-160 confirmation page, application fee receipt. This is only for verification purposes. And some security measures must be adhered to when inside the Embassy, please take note.

Embassy Security Measures/United states  visa interview process

Strict security measures are observed in every Consulate. Ensure your documents are inside plastic or transparent file for easy review, they must not be sealed in anyway. However, some items are not allowed inside the Consulate such as laptops, camera, digital diaries, headphones, Bluetooth-enabled devices, iPhone’s, remote car keys, that is majorly every electronics gadget are prohibited.

Foods and drinks are prohibited, cosmetics like body spray, perfume, make-up, are not allowed inside, no bags or briefcases, no packages or sealed envelopes, no weapons or tools, and no flammable materials like cigarette, matchboxes, lighters. All these items must not be taking inside the Embassy.

After this security measures, security check will follow next. This is usually a full body scan.

United States Visa Interview process with the Consular Officer

An official might issue you a token to take your fingerprint just for re-identification purposes. After this, you will be asked to remain in a waiting lounge. Respect every protocol during this brief period. Be patient and quietly wait for your turn. The moment you sight your number on a window flash, proceed to the window for your interview. Now, the much-anticipated moment is finally here.

Proceed to the window, greet the interviewer politely and follow every instructions given to you. You will sit facing the interviewer who will be seated behind a glass counter. Certain documents will be requested for which you are to pass through an opening under the glass counter. Give direct answers to every question throw at you by the interviewer.

Do not beat around the bush, only give answers to the questions you are been asked. Do not try to impress the officer by giving additional information. This interview is a way to check how reliable and concise the information provided in the application are. After this interview, you will get to know if your tourist visa will be awarded or not.

Assistance for Translators, breast-feeding mothers and handicapped

Applicants that required additional assistance for interview are usually assisted. Applicants with handicapped, impaired hearing, breast-feeding mothers, etc. are to inform the Embassy for assistance not later than 48 hours before the appointment hour.

Is this interview really compulsory?

Yes, it is very mandatory. It is a way to verify the information you provided in your visa application. In addition, to also find out you have a sufficient reason and check if you are requesting for the right visa.

What is the duration of this interview?

It does not take time. Mostly between five to ten minutes thereabout.

What is the interviewer targeting at?

The only thing the Consular officer is looking for at this interview is to be see how sincere you are about coming back to your country of residence after your visit to the United States is over. They will also ask about for employment and family ties in your country of residence just to make sure you have a tangible responsibilities and reason to return country of residence. You are to show evidence of the strong ties you have in your country of residence, which are; family relationship, employment, business ownership, etc

United States Interview process likely questions

These are some of the possible questions Consular officers usually asked during visa interview. These questions are genuine and are based on another applicant’s experience.

Why do you want to visit the United States?

Response: Tell them the reason for your visit. Depending on the kind of visa you applied for.

For how long will you be visiting the United States?

Response: Say the duration of your trip.

Do you have any relatives in the United States?

Response: yes or no, be sincere. You are not to divulge the details of your relatives except if you are asked.

 Who will sponsor the expenses for your trip?

Response: Your answer should be based on your visa type and financial capabilities. If a sponsor will sponsor your trip, let it be known that your sponsor will pay for your expenses.

Where will you stay in the United States?

Response: This answer will be based on the visa type you applied for.

Other questions often asked usually asked are;

Do you need an interpreter?

Did you ever visit any other country?

What do you do?

If you prepare well for your interview, you will be on your way to the United States, so give it your absolute best shot during your United States Visa Interview questions.