1 Aug, 2017

Tuition Free Universities In the US

The United States is home to many of the world’s best institutions, little wonder why the United States attracts millions of students from all over the world yearly. Although the United States provides high quality education, the cost of studying in the U.S. is often beyond the reach of many families, as the costs of tuition is higher than the yearly income of so many families. Every year, the number of school dropouts and students that rely on student loans increases massively.This alone, puts a strain on the economy and the workforce. However, there are Tuition free Universities in the US set aside to curtail the cost of tuition and fees for those who can’t afford one.

Because of the pressure on loans, scholarships and grants, they have been a number of ways to ensure students get educational support to study in U.S. Through the combined efforts of the United States Federal, and State Governments, the number of tuition free higher education institutions has increased to accommodate these demands. This tuition-free package comes in the form of various scholarships and grants. It made higher education possible for many people who would not have had the opportunity before.

States such as New York, Tennessee, and Oregon are now offering tuition-free higher education to both local students and international students. However, this financial aid covers only the tuition fee. Other costs like accommodation, textbook fees and cost of living needs to be covered by the student.


The average tuition fee for a 4-year program is $38,000 in most United States universities and colleges. This figure does not include the high cost of accommodations, textbook fees, living expenses and other costs incurred during the program.

For local and international students in the US, the fees of most universities are higher than the average family income. Most of these students apply for loans to assist in covering the cost. However, these loans are difficult to pay back, and the payments may stretch on for years.

Choosing a tuition-free institution has become a top priority for a large percentage of students in the US. It does not only reduce costs, it also helps the students in planning their future better. There are so many reason why Tuition-free institutions are important.

  1. Increases the students chance of moving up the social ladder

University education is the one of the main paths to earning more money in life and the rewards of having a university or college degree has increased over the last 20 years. Tuition free institutions give financially constrained students a chance to a better future.

  1. No student loan is required

The average student debt at graduation from a 4-year degree program is $27,000. Students from low and modest income families require loans to reduce the cost of tuition. Students in tuition free universities in the US do not require loans.

  1. It increases the level of skilled workers in an economy

They play an important role in developing educated and skilled workers for economic and social growth of a nation.


Truly, attending tuition free university is the dream of most, but students should choose wisely before taking the leap. In your search for free tuition, you should consider these factors.

The accreditation of the institution

The number of programs, it offers.

Some institutions require students to work for long hours as a way of paying back.


Everyone wants to save the cost of tuition fees, and these tuition-free institutions are the target of many students. These types of higher institutions are few in number; hence, admission is highly competitive. Since, admission requirements vary for different institutions; we will list the general requirements for admissions for both local and international students.

  1. Applicants must have a High School Leaving Certificate or its equivalent
  2. International students are required to present a TOEFL or IELTS test score.
  3. Evidence of financial need is required. Although, some institutions do not ask for such.
  4. Some require students to apply for full-time studies.

After admissions, majority of these tuition-free institutions require students to work for a minimum of 8 hours per week, students are also expected to maintain a minimum of 2.5 GPA.

Tuition Free Universities In the US


In the last two years, states like Tennessee, New York, and cities like San Francisco have introduced free tuition in majority of their institutions.


This program is referred to as the Promise Scholarship, and was established in 2015. Every student in the Tennessee is eligible for free tuition in its state-owned colleges and technical institution. There are over 12 tuition free colleges in Tennessee.

New York

In New York, some undergraduates are exempt from paying tuition fees at the State University or City University of New York School. This financial aid was approved in April 2017. However, students whose families earn more than $125000 a year are not eligible. There is no age limit in this financial aid, students must enroll as a full-time student and are required to live and work in New York after graduation for a minimum of 2 years.


This financial package is referred to as the Oregon Promise Scholarship. This financial aid covers most of the tuition for students starting college this fall. Students are required to be a state resident for at least a year before applying. It applies to all the colleges in the state.

San Francisco

Starting this fall, all 28,000 students at City College of San Francisco won’t have to pay for tuition. This financial aid is open for everyone, irrespective of his or her age. This financial aid provides additional assistance to very poor students. The scholarship is expected to cost $5.4 million, for the first two years.

There are several tuition-free institutions in the US like the Berea College, Alice Lloyd College, College of the Ozarks, Cornell University, Duke University, and the prestigious Harvard University.

Tuition free institutions places you on an equal footing with most of your privileged peers, and gives you the opportunity to compete in an ever-changing global community. Majority of these free tuition institution are community or liberal arts college. It can be quite difficult to get an institution that offers STEM courses.

With tuition free Universities in the US, you no longer have to worry about student loans or bankrupting your parents. Some of these institutions provide on-campus jobs for students to make ends meet. The tides of change are here, so why don’t you move along with the current. Apply for this tuition free institution today, and secure a better tomorrow for you contact us Whats-app +19402286133.