5 Feb, 2017

Study in America Admissions Counselor

There’s a usual feeling of panic that is experienced by most high school students in their final year, it is a frustrating feeling that can’t be hidden and can be seen clearly on the faces of final year students. This anxious feeling can be observed whenever you meet them and most of them can’t shake this feeling off. They know one thing is certain, which is for them to further their education, but they don’t know the steps to take or what to do or how to do it at the same time. If you have this same feeling, then you need to contact me you your study in America Admissions Counselor. My job as a study in America Admissions counselor is to guide you through this experience, which I am good at helping students decide which school to select, how to go about the admission processing, types of exams to take and many more.

I have customer service skills and know the right steps to take, I also maintain communication and interactions at all times. I interact with students through phone calls, interviews, emails and information session. As a study in America Admissions counselor I also demonstrate the ability to work independently as well as work successfully with team members, students, faculty, administrators, staff and alumni.

Which type of Students does an Admission Counselor work with?

Some students may have difficulty in understanding how a study in America Admissions counselor can be of service to them; they seem not to have the full knowledge of how I work and who I am. A study in America Admissions counselor work with different kind of students, from those who are upper level students to junior’s level students and seniors, to guide them on how to navigate life after high school. Many times, they help students decide the kind of career suitable for them, this is determined by the students’ interest, personality and skills.

Vital Roles of Study in America Admissions Counselor

There are crucial roles a study in America Admissions counselor plays, when assisting a student in making a decision on life after high school. These roles include:

  1. Providing Important Information

Study in America Admissions counselor is always up-to-date with the necessary information needed to guide a student through the path of choosing his career. From the information received from students, the admission counselor uses the data to make a list of the best schools that fits the student. Information like; tuition fees, school environment, requirements needed by the school and many more will be demanded by the counselor.

  1. Financial Aids and Scholarship

Some Admissions Counselors help students with the entire financial aid processes, while others just identify which schools may offer scholarships based on the performance of the student. I help the student know the score points and other criterion they need to have, to receive scholarship aid. Many admissions counselor, have relationships with financial professionals who can help with this critical part of college planning to enable the students have a good success and also support the student when studying.

  1. Conduct Mock Interviews

As a Study in America Admissions counselor I perform mock interviews, with the aim of helping the students understand what interviewers are looking to learn from them and also how to compose themselves when they are in the front of the interviewers. This process also includes preparing the students to answer commonly asked questions by the interviewers or examination, as well as work to physical, emotional and total well-being, to relieve the anxieties the students faces during an interview.

  1. Application Preparation

These consultants give a keen attention to students by getting to know them deeply and helping them through the admission processing. They provide emphasis on deadlines, timelines and make students be familiar with all necessary procedures, common Application and other applications. Study in America Admissions counselor also help students to understand ways, on how to approach teachers, interact with people and give them the basics on how to develop Charisma and Confidence.

  1. Maintaining Constant Communication

Constant communication is provided by Admission counselor, to keep track with the student and inform the student on any new development or change that has occurred, either through Phone calls or emails or personal meeting, as it all depends on the student, on the time he or she will be comfortable. They also attend different training sessions to receive updated information about new services, programs, educator licensure requirements, etc. The study in America Admissions counselor is always there to maintain those communications with you, for you to be on the right track, towards fulling your aim and goals during the admission processing.

  1. Send Your Transcript

Study in America Admissions counselor can help in sending your high school transcript to the colleges you apply, without making you go through the stress of looking for where to submit your Transcript and this saves you lots of time, to prepare for other things. There are some college applications which come with transcript-request forms for you to give to your admission counselor and your counselor will collect the transcript from you and submit it on your behalf if being notified.

How to make most of your time with Study in America Admissions counselor

  1. Be Responsible

Admission Counselor will always help you in many ways and make sure you succeed, but this is your personal life project and your responsibility. If you need to Schedule appointment you can Contact me to guide you through the admission processing, I bring out the best in a student and also process their admission.

  1. Be Early.

You need to contact me your study in America Admissions counselor early, during the application processing, so that, I can notify you of the necessary requirements you need to make you top and guide you through. Most colleges accept students who apply early and meet up with the requirements needed and I will, make this possible with your cooperation. You can contact me, as I provide you with the necessary things you need to know and guide you.

Admission processing is a crucial stage and it is necessary for students to make the right decision and getting a Professional Admission Counselor, is the best decision a student can make.

I provide counseling and guide students on how to secure admission, get scholarship aids, and choose the right course to study, the right institution and much more. You can Contact Me now, I have helped lots of students and we will provide excellent services to you too.

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