1 Feb, 2017

Study Abroad Consultation

Studying in United States has never been better, especially with the help of study abroad consultation services; it is now easier to secure an admission to study in the United States, since the demand for foreign degree has been on an increase in Nigeria.

The reason for this increase is because foreign certificate holders, especially from the western world (US) whose certificates in most cases are given preferential treatment in the areas of employee selection in Nigeria and globally as a whole.

Securing admission to study in the United States is an impossible feat for many people, however, with study abroad consultation services, it is an easy task, and many education agents are familiar about the procedures, the right contacts and everything that needs to be done by applying for admission, all the way to assisting students to the final stage.

It takes the burden off your shoulders when you apply to study in the United States through education agents. The study abroad consultation fee is affordable, but the service is excellent.

We have different types of agents, which are Local based Nigerian agents and International based Nigerian agents, who live abroad. There are many Nigerian agents who are based in the US, who process admissions for their clients with a success rate and also with Nigerian agents in Nigeria who also record success rates, but as we all know both can’t be been equal in delivering success rates as one is always higher than the other.

The Importance of using a study abroad consultation service

You are provided with all the required information you need.

They help you out with the processing of the admission.

Some help you out in securing accommodation when you finally get into the school.

They take on the hectic parts of the work on your behalf.

They know the in and out of the school you are applying to

How to Spot Trusted and Reliable Education Consultancy Services 

  1.  Ask for Testimonials

Ask the agent for references or testimonials from the students they have assisted in the past and also check if the agent has a website and social media accounts to verify the agent’s credentials as a study abroad consultation specialist.

  1. Ask for Summary of Cost

Make sure you know what you are paying for, and compare prices from other sources and also the levy for using their services. This will give you an overview of what you paying for and how you can get ready.

  1. Ask Questions

Ask your agent questions to know what your agent deals in and the type of connection he/she has at the school you are applying to and how long they have been in the business.

  1.  Agents who ask you to sign a document without reading it through are not trusted agents, because you won’t know what you are getting into.
  1. Choose a study abroad consultation agent with experience helping students study in the school of your choice


Advantages of Education Assistants in United States over Local Agents.

There have been high record rates for students who have used Nigerian agents who base in the US (also known as Education Assistants) at the location of their school of choice; we will be looking at the advantages, which are as follows;

  1. Access to faster Information and Feedback

Us based Nigerian Agents have access to the information you need from the school, instead of most Nigerian agents who are based in Nigeria, as they have to send emails and wait for days or weeks, before they get a feedback from the Institution.

  1. Constantly Follow up

Some Nigerian based agents are even lazy to follow up with the admission processing due to the fear of spending more than the levy of their services, as the need to make international calls, which is a huge cost they are spending, but those Nigerian agents who base on the location of the universities you have chosen have all the access and means they need to get your admission done faster.

  1. Facial Communication with Authorities

Facial communication with the university’s admission office is more reliable and convenient than those agents who send emails or make calls, as the support center may not even be there to pick those calls or reply those emails, which brings disappointment onto the applicant.

  1. Warm Welcoming

Those agents who base abroad are even there to welcome you upon your arrival, make all necessary accommodations for you, make you feel more at home and you have someone who you can fall back on when you get to the university, instead of other agents that when they are done processing your admission and can’t fall back on them again.

  1. Faster Time of Processing

US based Nigerian Agents, process your admission status faster than those who base in Nigeria, they also have the whole requirements they need to process your admission in their hands and your mind will just be at peace, as you know you have a reliable agent who is getting the work done on your behalf.

  1. Reliability

These Agents are more reliable, as they get you covered in every aspect you want. Due to their vast knowledge and time they have spent in the service (Education) they know the in and out of the admission processing, they also relieve you of the stress you need to go through and they are always giving you back real time feedback.

It is advisable for you to know the type of study abroad consultation agent you want to have, either choosing a Nigerian based Agents or United State based agents all depends on you, as we all know that, those with Western (US) certificates are more favored and select your agents wisely.

So as to get your processing done faster with ease and with peace of mind and on your getting back to Nigeria, you have a higher chance of selection in the Labor market, as most Nigerian top companies love working with people who school in the western part of the world especially United States due to the advanced knowledge they have acquired. If you have decided to choose an America based Agent contact Mr. Van your Educational consultants in Nigeria for your services +19402286133

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