31 Mar, 2017

Study abroad consultants

Study abroad consultants is a professional who is solely responsible for advising and directing students who wish to study abroad. Even though their basic purpose is the almost as that of an Agent’s i.e. to make ease the application process, their work profile is slightly wide as compared to an Agent’s.

They assess the needs and desires of the student and compare them with his/her current strengths and weaknesses. Based on this comparison, they help students decide on the universities they should apply to (keeping in mind the universities that are likely to accept them). They charge a fee directly from the student and are not paid by the university.

Consultants also guide students during the application process and help them fill forms, arrange documents, get transcripts, prepare personal essays etc. Some Consultants also help students during the visa application process, although this depends on the agreement between the consultant and the applying student.


There is not much difference between a Study abroad consultant and an agent, but I will just state out this obvious difference. The consultant really works with the candidate, actively listening to their needs, matching to their requirements and briefing them on the role. They worked with them through the admission process, from beginning to end, to ensure that they are positively engaged and had a good candidate experience.

While, agents are paid certain amount of commission by some Universities for each student that is enrolled in the university through them but also have in mind that not all Agents are the same. The result of this is that Agents often do not recommend Universities to students that do not pay them the agreed commission but here on this platform you will be asked your choice of school so do not worry. It is very possible that an Agent pushes you to join a university that might not be ideal for you, only because they are paid by that university.  This in some cases is considered to be biased, while in some in favors the student in the end. Candidates walked dazed through the admission process, with often-poor outcomes. Agents’ behaviors are often aggressive, self-serving and rarely follow protocol.

Study abroad consultants why choose them

Applying through a Consultant is an ideal option if your grades are good and if you want to study abroad at one of the top universities but are not sure, if you will manage to get in. In such situations, Consultants can help you apply to the universities you are likely to get in, provided they meet suit your personality and program choice. They are up to the task because you paid for such service.

As many top universities around the world do not have Agents, it is ideal that you go through a Consultant for such universities. Study abroad Consultants will use their previous experiences of overlooking applications to assess whether you stand a genuine chance of getting in, and will suggest alternate options if need be.

In conclusion, most study abroad consultants in Nigeria are reliable when securing admission outside your country. Welcome to study abroad consultants were everyone is somebody contact me for your admission.

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