Scholarships to Study in the United States

21 Aug, 2017

The United States is home to a large number of world-class tertiary institutions. These institutions are well-equipped with modern facilities combined with highly qualified academic and non-academic staff whose aim is to make learning interesting for students. It is one of the most sought-after countries for qualitative educational advancement.

The United States offers a wide range of scholarship opportunities for both its citizens and also to international students with the sole purpose of training them academically to handle different sectors of life. Universities in the United States are highly ranked in global education ratings. This is largely because of the conducive schooling environments, the presence of modern facilities, well-trained lecturers and the value placed by the United States government on education. All these put together has made the United States a top destination for students all over the world seeking to advance their studies.

Though the United States has one of the best-rated tertiary institutions in the world, studying in the United States requires a lot of finance due to the high cost of living and cost of schooling as a result of the quality of education being offered by educational institutions. All the same, students with very poor financial background can still seek for scholarship opportunities to aid their quest of studying in the U.S.

This can be done by way of applying for scholarships to study in the United State. Through such scholarship application, students within and outside the United States can have access to study in the United States at a low cost or no cost at all! Scholarships to study in the United States are available to students of all nationalities and also offered to undergraduate and post graduate (both research and taught) students irrespective of their fields.

Scholarships to study in the United States are offered to students either as:

Full scholarships: Such scholarship covers the full tuition fee, accommodation, feeding, monthly stipends, book supply, laboratory dues, free healthcare and any other additional cost that may occur in the course of study.  Full scholarships in most cases, are offered by the school or private donor organizations and are mostly given to students with financial difficulties or students with excellent grades.

Partial scholarships: These scholarships cover either the full tuition fee (with the exclusion of other additional fees such as accommodation, feeding, book supply and the rest) or a percentage of the tuition fee only. Partial scholarships are subject to renewal based on the students’ academic records. In most cases, they do not cover the duration of the study.

Scholarships to study in the United States are offered to students based on the following criteria.

Academic/Merit-based scholarships: these are awarded to students with the most excellent CGPA, most impressive series of extracurricular activities and a history of public service and leadership qualities.

Need-based scholarships: they are intended to provide financial assistance to students with indigent financial background who cannot afford to pay their tuition fees. Most scholarships to study in the United States are very much inclined to the needs of the students.

Individual or Special scholarships: this category of scholarship is mostly given out to students to aid a specific program of study. They are often offered directly from the school, private organizations or individual donors associated with the university. Some are offered to aid certain minorities, genders, or students from specific countries especially developing countries.


Fulbright Foreign Student Program – It is offered to graduate students and professionals wishing to study in the United States. It is offered annually and accessible to foreign students in all discipline excluding medicine. Students outside the United States should visit the American Embassy in their home country to get more details on this scholarship.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program – This is a non-degree scholarship program experienced professionals wishing to undertake 10 months of academic study in the US.

Abbey Road Summer Scholarships – this scholarship worth is US$1,000 for language and art students.

Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship – scholarship is awarded bi-annually to passionate and deserving students to study in the United States.

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders – this scholarship is offered to African students between the ages of 25 and 35 from sub-Saharan African countries to study in the United States and gain leadership and business skills.

David P. Shapiro Annual Leukemia Scholarships – Bi-annual scholarships open to current or prospective students in the United States diagnosed with leukemia.

Rotary Peace Fellowships – this scholarship is awarded by Rotary Peace Fellowships – this scholarship is awarded to student studying for master’s degree within one of Rotary’s ‘Peace Centers’ (Duke University or the University of North Carolina).

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships – Scholarships awarded to students of all nationalities especially developing countries to study in the United States.

The Next Generation Scholarship – this scholarship is available to students who want to study in the United States including international students. Prospective applicants must have a minimum GPA of 3.0 and must be enrolled on a program at an accredited university within Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program  – Scholarships offered to graduate international students from developing countries.

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship – awarded to undergraduate students to study in the United States at American University in Washington DC. Strictly for international students with excellent leadership qualities.

University of Arkansas Scholarships – offers a wide range of funding opportunities for students regardless of their backgrounds and nationalities.

Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program – there are lots of scholarship funding at Emory University for students with financial need.

Iowa State University Merit Scholarships – this university offers a merit-based scholarship program for high-achieving students with outstanding grades.

Harvard University Scholarships – Harvard offers a limited and highly competitive range of scholarship opportunities for students from all over the globe. They also offer need-based scholarship to students of all nationalities.

The list is however countless. Students can also get scholarships to study in the United States by contacting the schools they intend to study at for more information on scholarship funding opportunities.  Good Luck!!!