28 Jul, 2017

Scholarships to study in America

Scholarships to study in America….. America is well-known as a sophisticated country. The popularity of United States extends even to its educational system.  Endowed with amazing cities, America is well advanced in all sectors especially the educational sector compares to so many other countries on the planet.

Universities in America are equipped with modern facilities to aid practical work and research along with qualified lecturers. This makes America universities dream schools for any student who really want to learn.

Due to the high quality of education provided in American schools, cost of living, and the standard of the society, tuition fee is most times costly and often extend beyond the ability of most students. While the cost of studying in United States may be high, it should not be a deterrence to dream to study in the U.S. and pursue such dream. There are scholarships to study in America and which these scholarships, students can apply to study in the U.S.

Scholarships rendered might be given as monetary gifts or services to cover one or more fees to be paid in the school, such as accommodation, tuition fee, books, feeding et cetera. On another hand, scholarships might be given for the full duration of study or partial scholarship which covers few years of study.

Scholarships to study in America are available for high school graduates, undergraduates and postgraduates.


Scholarships to study in America generally have benchmarks and requirements before a student can apply. Some of these requirements are listed below:

Students must have graduated from earlier academic level before applying as a freshman for the next.

Students must be 18 years and above or within the specified age limit.

Students must have merited grades in their previous academic result, sport competition, essay writing or any other specified competition.

Applicants must be ready to study in any American country or university specified by the awarder.

Student must plan to be or currently a full-time college student.

Must be able to present the certificates required to back up information given during application. e.g. birth certificate, identity card, genuine international passports for foreign students etc.

Scholarships to study in America


American University Scholarships

This is an award given by American University, Washington DC with the assistance of the government. It is merited to first year international students only. Applicants are advised to apply for fall semester which commences in August. The deadline for the fall semester scholarship is always in January.

American Foreign Service Association (AFSA)

The scholarship awards given by AFSA includes academic merit awards, art merit awards and community service awards to high school graduates and undergraduates. The scholarship is open to students whose parents are AFSA members. Scholarship application opens March and closes February.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This scholarship is commonly called ‘Vanier CGS’. It is operated by the Canadian government for Canadians and foreign students. It is usually open for application before the month of November. The scholarship is only available for those who are applying for a doctoral degree.


TOEFL Scholarship Award

This has its full earning as ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’. It is a private organization that awards merited foreign students after going through both oral and written tests of English language.

American Association of University Women International Fellowship

This is given to female students who are not America citizens. Awards are given to both graduates and undergraduates.

The Tom Joyner Foundation Scholarship

This is awarded to just one qualified student to study at Historically Black College and University (HBCU). It also covers all expenses that is, tuition fees, hostel fee, books, stipends for upkeep etc. The scholarship is opened at the end of every year and closes in January.

Burger King Scholars Program

This is given to at least 1000 qualified high school African-American graduates. It covers either tuition or books. Application for this scholarship ends every December.

The NASA Aeronautics Scholarship Program

This is an offer to undergraduates or graduate U.S citizens and nationals who will like to pursue a career in Aeronautics. It requires writing an essay on ‘the greatest challenges to the field of aeronautics and how they propose to address them’. The scholarship closes every January.


Michigan State University International Scholarships

The school provides partial scholarship for deserving citizen and international undergraduate and postgraduate students

Berea College Scholarships

Berea College in America, United States precisely, is the only known school that gives scholarships to study in America with full funding for all enrolled international students for their first year of study. In subsequent years, students are provided with on-campus paid jobs to assist their expenses.

Berklee College Of Music Scholarship

Berklee College of Music, Boston gives 40% of new students partial scholarship and songwriters and composers who submit to them.


For those who like to take their study in the comfort of their home due to distance, travelling expenses or any personal reasons, online courses has been made available for such student. All that is required for effective study is an access to a computer system, internet connection and student must understand English as most of the online courses will be taken in English language.

Some of the online courses in America having scholarships attached to them are listed below:

University of The People

The university offers tuition-free American university degrees.  They offer degrees in business administration and computer science to high-school graduates.  The scholarship is opened annually and closes every October.

Harvard University Online courses

The university has most of her online courses offered for free. Some of the courses placed on scholarship include computer science, Contract law, Judaism, Global health case studies and some other courses under faculties of humanities, arts and education.

OAS Academic Scholarship Program

The educational portal of the Americans on OAS Academic scholarship website offers scholarship on human development and education which has an online training platform.

America is an environment that values quality education and take great measures in ensuring that quality education is sustained. Along with a governmental body keen at ensuring every child go through the educational system, America is a great place to study. Want to study in the United States and think this dream is an impossible feat, simply apply for Scholarships to study in America to bring your dreams to life!