28 Jul, 2017

Scholarships in the US

Schooling in the US  for an International Students is known to be quite expensive. Well, obviously so because, many American universities offer high quality education, which is not budget-friendly in many, cases, and could extend beyond the reach of many people (especially foreign students). However, the high cost of schooling, shouldn’t discourage your dream of studying in the United States because most university offer Scholarships in the US. Therefore, achieving your desire of enrolling into an American university, can become a reality with scholarships.

Why Do You Need A Scholarships In The US?

As a foreign student, it is important to plan your academic program in the U.S. (including how to fund it for the entire duration), before you leave your country. Some American universities and colleges, make it compulsory for international students to present proof of funding for the entire duration of their study.

When studying in the United States, you cannot completely rely on working in order to finance your education, as there could be restrictions on how long you can work as a foreign student.

Therefore, in a bid to make education accessible to international students who desire to study in the United States, scholarships in the US are periodically made available.  No matter the academic program you intend to embark on, there is a scholarship out there for you!

How Do I Know I am Eligible for A Scholarship?

Being eligible for a scholarship depends entirely on the type of scholarship. There is no general requirement on whether you are eligible for a scholarship or not, although, some scholarships in the U.S. may require the following:

Students to have a certain TOEFL score,

Students from only a particular country or sub-region (e.g West Africa, East Africa, etc.)

Students with a certain grade point average.

To confirm your eligibility status for a scholarships in the US, you may need to carry out a research to see if you are eligible for it or not.

How Do I Apply For A Scholarship?

There is no uniform procedure on how to apply for scholarships in the U.S. Some may simply require applicants to complete an application form, while others may make demands for a written essay, or for applicants to pursue studies in a particular discipline. If you find a scholarship which you think you are eligible for, you can contact the administrator of that award.

How Do I Identify A Scholarship Scam?

The internet is filled with both genuine and fraudulent scholarship alerts. Scholarship scams are very common, and as an international student, you are a perfect target for scammers. Nonetheless, there are certain pointers that can help you spot a Scholarship Scam. Scholarships in the US are created to assist foreign students with funding, to make education accessible to them in the United States. As a result, they are usually free and without charge. The best way to protect yourself from a scholarship scam, is to know how the scammers work. The following, are pointers to help you detect a scholarship scam when searching for a scholarship:

Money up front/Application Fee

Scholarships are meant to be free. So, whenever you are applying for a scholarship, never send money up front or pay an application fee to anyone or organization. These scammers will get your money and possibly cease communicating with you.

Guaranteed Scholarships

Do not trust companies that advertise guaranteed scholarships. They usually ask for a fee, and may even offer a refund, but will never get you a scholarship. Genuine agencies won’t guarantee to get you a scholarship.

Scholarships in the US

Other Ways to Protect Yourself from Scam

There are other guidelines you should follow when searching for scholarships that can help protect you from scammers.

  1. Take a moment to think. Is the offer too good to be true?

If a scholarship offer sounds too good to be true, there could be something suspicious about it. It is advisable to do more research to confirm how authentic the offer is.

  1. Never pay money!

Avoid making payments for proposed requirements such as- Application fees, Service fees or any other reason. Genuine scholarships are free to apply, and will not require you to make payments.

  1. Contact them

If you have a scholarship offer that requires you to make payments up front, or you want to ensure they are real, then contact them personally. Request for their telephone details, office address, or any other information you may find necessary. Genuine companies will be glad to hand this information out, but scammers will be reluctant.

  1. Company/ Scholarship Names

If you see a scholarship agency that use titles like “Official”, “National”, “Government” or other governmental/official sounding names, be careful. They could be trying to sound official in order to conceal their scam motives.

  1. Get Online References.

Do some online checks on the agency that is offering the scholarship. You can check them out on Google. If someone had been previously defrauded by them, you may possibly find a complaint online. Also check the country company directory for that organization. E.g, all companies in the United States, have to be registered and you can search them online for free.

High Quality Scholarship Search Sites You Can Look Up At Your Free Time

As you may have noticed, one of the main feature of a scholarship, is that, there is never a need to pay money to get one. All the scholarship resources listed below are safe and free. Here is a list of some of the major scholarship search sites that are legitimate.

International Scholarships –

International Educational Financial Aid –

Fast Web Scholarships –

Scholarship Experts –

The best step to take in finding a genuine scholarships in the US is to personally search for a scholarship yourself or employ the services of a professional agency. Scholarships are not always easy to come by, and there isn’t a quick and easy way to find one. Take your time and ensure to carefully follow the guidelines we have emphasized above. I wish you the best of luck!