8 Aug, 2017

Scholarships for UK students to study in USA

Students studying in the United Kingdom might want to transfer to the United States. Some of the reasons may be that the student is unable to afford the cost of schooling in the United Kingdom anymore or there might not be any scholarship available for the student anymore in the United Kingdom. Such a student needs a scholarship for UK students to study in the USA.

United States of America has a more diverse and robust educational system, this translates to more available scholarships. Also, there are roughly 3,500 institutes of higher education in the US, all these and more make studying in the USA seem more appealing than in the United Kingdom.

Reasons why UK students may want to study in the USA
Universities in the USA are consistently higher than UK universities according to the QS university ranking. Rankings like this have been ongoing for a lengthy period, and Universities in the USA repeatedly outrank universities in the UK.

Presence of Ivy League schools in the United States of America influences the decision of UK students to want to school in the US. Ivy League schools are a group of prestigious universities in America, these universities are always ranked as highest in the world and they have ancient traditions of academic excellence.

Employment prospects are higher in the US than in the UK. Jobs of 20 hours a week are common place, students even find time to intern, take vacation jobs and improve their workplace ethics while pursuing an academic degree in the USA. Benefits like this make the US a top study destination for UK students.

With universities like MIT and CALTECH topping the world list for best universities, the US is at the forefront in the world in research and Innovation.  High flying UK students will seek to be part of all the innovations that are emanating from US universities.

Diversity plays a significant role in the US educational system. Students from every country in the world attend universities in the US and factors these are what makes the US so attractive to UK students looking to study in the US.

A lot of Scholarships for UK students to study in USA exist, they make the whole idea of switching universities between the UK and USA to be less intimidating. Scholarships like of this nature engage every aspect of the student’s educational agenda. Some scholarships for UK students to study in USA are listed below.

Fulbright Foreign Student Program. The USA government is in charge of the Fulbright scholarship, as the name implies, this scholarship is for international students looking to study in the USA. Both undergraduate and graduate level students can use the opportunity this scholarship provides to study in the USA for a year or more.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program– Just like the Fulbright foreign student program, the Hubert Humphrey Fellowship is from the stables of the US government and it provides Scholarships for UK students to study in USA.

The NEXT gen Scholarship fund-UK students looking for scholarships to study in the US can benefit from this scholarship provided they have a GPA of above 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.  The Next gen scholarship fund is particularly useful as a scholarships for UK students to study in USA

Tortuga Backpacks Study Abroad Scholarship– Awarded to passionate UK students keen on studying in the US, the Tortuga backpack scholarship is biannual.

Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program- International students can utilize the opportunity this scholarship provides and school in the US.

MasterCard Foundation Scholarships– Another one of the numerous scholarships for UK students to study in USAMasterCard provides need based scholarships to both graduate and undergraduates alike.

The scholarships listed above are irrespective of the university, this implies that with the financial assistance received from any one of these scholarships, a student can proceed to apply for any university of choice. Another form of scholarships for UK students to study in USA exists that is University specific. Scholarships of this nature will entail that a student must study in the University specified in the scholarship application, examples of scholarships of this nature are

Scholarships for UK students to study in USA

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

Brandeis University Wien International Scholarship Program

Emory University Needs-Based Scholarship Program

Harvard University Scholarships

University of Wisconsin Superior Non-resident Tuition Waiver Program

University of Oregon International Scholarships

University of Minnesota International Excellence Scholarships

University of Iowa Scholarships for International First Year Students

University of Arkansas International Scholarships

New York University Wagner International Scholarships

Listed above is just a few, most, if not all universities in the US give some form of scholarship to UK students applying to study in the US because they fall under the category of international students.

Tips on getting a scholarship for UK students to study in USA.
For a UK student intent on applying to study in the US on scholarship, some tips can be really helpful to aid the student in snatching the scholarship. Some of the tips are

Carrying out thorough research through the internet is the most important tip, the student should be a visitor on every scholarship site. As you carry out the research thoroughly, more opportunities will reveal.  During the course of the research, you will find out that some scholarships are full and others are partial. Small details like this are what make the research before application so essential. The student can even start research by visiting the official website of the school choice.  This leads us to the next point.

The educational system of the UK differs from that of the US. The implications of this are that different set of qualification exams may need to be taken by the student, some scholarships will require the student to write US examinations. As such, it is pertinent that you test yourself and prepare for international exams like TOEFL, GRE and SAT

Scholarships might not require you to take exams, but rest assured that they will require you to write Essays. Writing good essays should be second nature. So, practice essay writing, hone your essay writing skills and try to be passionate about the topic you decide to write on. The scholarship board will receive numerous scholarship essays, so do your best and ensure that your essay is concise, devoid of error and on point. Also, the student should try to understand the peculiarities of writing essays to apply to the US.

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