24 Jul, 2017

How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa

Applying for any type of visa requires attaining a thorough understanding about crucial steps that must be taken to ensure a successful application. For anyone that wishes to travel to the United States for pleasure, pay attention on How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa. This visa grants a tourist the privilege to freely move around throughout their stay in the Unites states of America. If

For individuals travelling to USA for pleasure, the B-2 visa is the ideal type of visa, B-2 entails all travels that are recreational in nature, it includes tourism, visits with friends or relatives, social activities and medical treatment, the B-1 on the other hand is for travelers that have business consultation with their business counterparts or associates, Education, business, scientific conventions and conferences. Often times these two visas are issued as one visa.

How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa | Necessary Qualifications 

An intending tourist applying for visa must adequately convince the consulate officer he/she qualifies for a US visa in compliance with the US Immigration and Nationality Act. Hence, intending travelers must be able to prove beyond doubts that:

They are committed to activities (social, economic or business) that will ensure return to the native country at the end of the visit.

They have a residence outside the USA

They are willing to return to your country when the specified time elapse.

They have the funds to cover all your expenses all through your stay in the United states.

The purpose of your visit to the United states is actually temporary, either for business, medical treatment or tourism.

They have a strong tie to your country of residence.

How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa  And Things to Know Before Applying

The first thing to know is your Visa type, in this case, the visa type falls under the category of non-immigrant visa. The non-immigrant visa is meant for tourists, students, business people or specialty workers who wish to work in the United State for a particular period of time.

As an applicant, you need to be if your country is involved in the Visa Waiver Program, for those whose country falls into this category, no application is required for a tourist visa if the duration of the visit does not exceed beyond 90 days.

For individuals under the age of 14 years or older than 79 years or individuals that may have received a US visa that expired within the last 48 or 12 months and wish to return to the United States for the same travelling purpose, it is possible to obtain a visa without necessarily going to the consulate for an interview.


To have a hitch free and successful visa application, it is important to follow these steps carefully:

The first step is to correctly fill the non-immigrant visa electronic Ds-160 application form. Intending tourists should ensure that all the guidelines and information are carefully reviewed and completed, it is important that you take time when filling this form, as it is impossible to make any changes once the application has been submitted.

Applicants must pay the stipulated visa fee, the visa fee is mandatory and a non-refundable fee must be paid, the amount depends on the visa type, for a tourist visa, the stipulated fee is $160. To pay your visa fee, you need to go through the payment options and choose the one that best suit you.

How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa

The next step is to login to your profile with the information you used to pay your visa fee, after successful login, you will your appointment on the left-hand side menu, two appointments will be scheduled, one for visa application center and the other for visa interview which will be done at the consulate or embassy.

The application at the visa application centre will enable you to have your fingerprints and photo taken, this appointment must be done at least 1 day before your visa interview. on your DS-160 u must have the following information to successfully schedule your appointments;

  1. Passport number
  2. Date of visa fee payment

The ten digits’ barcode number on your DS-160 confirmation page

When going for visa centre appointment, you must have the following documents

A valid passport for travel to the united states

A print out of your appointment confirmation page

A print out of your DS-160 confirmation page

One photograph based on US specification if the applicant is below 14 years.

After your application at the Visa Application Centre, go for your appointment at the consulate or embassy. For the interview at the consulate or embassy, the following documents must be available;

A print out of your appointment letter

print out of your DS-160 confirmation page

Current and old passport.

Other Relevant Supporting Documents includes:

Proof of income, tax payments, property or business ownership or other assets (such as buildings)

Your travel plans or schedule

Letter from employer which entails your position, salary, duration of employment, purpose of your trip to US

Criminal or court records if any

For students, have your recent school results, transcript or diploma and evidence of financial support

The Visa Interview

The overall success of your Visa application is dependent on the evaluation of the consular officer after your interview, if the Interview goes well then, the consular officer will approve you visa but if otherwise then your request will be denied. In other to have a successful interview, the following precaution must be taken;

Do not present false documents at the embassy, this could permanently lead to visa ineligibility.

Do not fax or mail any of your documents to the embassy, you should personally take it to the consular/embassy in a well-sealed envelope.

All presented documents should be original copies, original copies are always preferred over photocopies.

Strict adherence to all these will increase the chances of your visa request been approved .After your visa has been approved, you can now proceed to making payment of your visa issuance fee, while you wait for it to be processed, this fee varies in relations to your country. This is all you need to know on How To Apply For USA Tourist Visa