28 Jul, 2017

Harvard university scholarships for international students

Harvard university scholarships for international students  is given to a few people who are deserving of it. Majority of schools in the U.S offer high quality education. One of such universities is the prestigious Harvard University, an institution that has become a dream for many students across the world.

As an international student, that has dreams of finding access to the best quality education in the U.S, do not let the high cost of schooling discourage or stop your dream from becoming a reality. There are various programs designed to assist students with financial problems, such programs include loans, grants, and scholarships. However, most likely, the option an aspiring student would go for is the scholarship.


Scholarship is a form of monetary aid that is given to qualified students to help them in their education. Scholarships are awarded based on various criteria, these criteria express the intention of the donor; it is not required to be re-paid.  Scholarships awarded are either full or partial scholarships.  There are various types of scholarships, they include:

Merit-based scholarships: these awards are based on a student’s qualities, academic, artistic or Athletic capabilities

Need-based scholarships: these scholarships are offered based on the financial status of the receiver.

Athletic scholarship: these scholarships are awarded specifically to students with exceptional skills and abilities in sports.

Other forms of scholarships include; college-specific scholarships, student-specific scholarships and creative contest scholarships. So far, so good, scholarship has been a major channel through which international students get to fulfill their dreams of studying in the U.S.

Probably, at some point in your quest and desire for the best quality education, you had dream of studying in a world-class university like Harvard University, but then;


(According to Wikipedia) Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts, established in 1636. It is a school whose unique history, influence, and wealth have made, one of the world’s most prestigious universities. It has a total 21,000 students, which consist of; 6,700 undergraduates, and 14,500 postgraduates. Harvard alumni include 8 U.S presidents, several foreign head of states, sixty-two living billionaires, 359 Rhodes scholars, 242 Marshall Scholars, 130 noble laureates, eighteen (18) field medalists, and thirteen (13) Turing award winners.

Having read about scholarships and Harvard University, you must be thinking; are there Harvard university scholarships for international students? Yes, there are. Since the cost of attendance for Harvard is high, the school offers scholarships/ financial aid packages. This financial aid packages that can be accessed by students, living outside of the United States, constitutes what is generally referred to as; Harvard university scholarships for international students, which is usually full or partial scholarships, depending on your demonstrated need. For example, if you are a from a family that earns less than the minimum income determined by the school, you could get a full scholarship, I.e.  Your tuition fees and educational expenses can be reduced to zero dollars.  If you really need financial aid, you only need to submit an application for consideration.

Harvard university scholarships for international students

In order to get any form of aid or scholarship from Harvard University, you need to secure or apply for admission into the university.  When applying for Harvard scholarship, you will have to submit documents on your family’s yearly or annual income. For clarity sake, here is a short comprehensive list of things you need to do, to get a Harvard scholarship.

you need to undergo and pass Harvard admission test

you need to secure an admission into the university

get the verified yearly income document of your family

apply for the aid by submitting the documents.

Regardless of where you are applying from, you have to submit a CSS profile and IDOC packet. The CSS profile, asks questions about your family’s financial status and the numbers you will find on family tax returns. If your family is yet to file a tax return. Estimation is allowed, as you can update the CSS profile after submitting the accurate tax returns. AS an international student, if you cannot afford the CSS profile fee or if you live in a country, where the College Board cannot process payments, you can contact the school for other alternatives.

After you have completed your CSS profile, IDOC will send you an email with instructions. Get all the documents that count and submit them to IDOC. Make sure to send your accurate tax return, not estimated taxes and if you live in a non-English speaking country, translate all your documents to English language. Even though you are allowed to mail physical material to IDOC, it is advised that you use the IDOC upload portal since it is faster and much more secured.

You may be thinking; how do I know for sure if I will be a beneficiary of Harvard university scholarships for international students? Well! There is no definite way to track the financial aid processes, so just be calm and patient until decisions pertaining admissions have been made. Never the less, you can still log in to your College Board account to check and verify your submission.


As a student, looking to take advantage and benefit from the Harvard university scholarships for international students, you should always be updated, know when to apply and all the documents you are required to submit.  Obey instructions; review your documents to make sure they are correct and accurate, as little error on your part could ruin your chances of benefiting from the scholarship. Avoid submitting documents that you have not been asked to submit, they are irrelevant.