21 Aug, 2017

Harvard University scholarships for International students

Harvard University scholarships for International students. Harvard University is one the oldest (established in 1636) private Ivy League research university in the world.   It is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The university has a rich history blended with affluence and influence that has made it one of the most prestigious universities in the world today.

Harvard University has over 22,000 students (both undergraduates and graduates) and it offers 46 undergraduate courses, 134 graduate degrees and 32 professional degrees to both US students and students from all over the world. Harvard University has 15 schools or faculties spread within the university’s large campus. They are:

  1. Harvard Business School
  2. Harvard Extension School
  3. Harvard Kennedy School
  4. Harvard Law School
  5. Harvard Medical School
  6. Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement
  7. Harvard Summer School
  8. Harvard Graduate School of Education
  9. Harvard School of Dental Medicine
  10. Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
  11. Harvard School of Public Health
  12. Harvard Divinity School
  13. Harvard Graduate School of Arts and Sciences
  14. Harvard Graduate School of Design
  15. Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study

The actual cost of studying in Harvard University is high, nevertheless the university’s large endowment permits it to extend a substantial amount of financial aid packages to its students. Harvard University the largest of any academic institution in the world with over $34.5 billion financial endowment for its students. So therefore, Harvard University scholarships for international students are available to those who are interested and passionate about studying at Harvard University. Supported by the Harvard Financial Aid Initiative (HFAI), the Harvard University follow three main ethics when giving out financial aids to students:

Admission into Harvard University is need-bind, that is, your financial necessity will not inhibit your possibilities of getting admitted into the university.

International students have the same right to make use of Harvard financial aid funding as U.S. students.

Aid is not based on merit but entirely on the student’s financial need.

To access Harvard University scholarships for international students, prospective international students while applying for admission, are expected to complete a financial aid application intended for foreign students, this will help the university scholarship board assess your financial needs and make certain that the university provide the right amount of support for you in line with what you stated in your financial aid form. Prospective International students are qualified for the same amount of aid as US students, and the application procedure is basically the same for both.

For prospective international students, when you are applying for Harvard university financial aid, you will need to fill and submit these two documents which can be gotten from the university’s website.

CSS Profile – The CSS Profile asks questions about your family’s financial position and it is available starting October 1. For prospective international student who cannot come up with the money for the CSS Profile fee, or live in a country from which the College Board cannot administer payments, you are advised to email the University for another Set of instructions.

IDOC Packet – The IDOC Packet requires international students to give additional information regarding family’s tax, trust, estate and business documents and it opens in between late October and early November to all prospective applicants who have already completed a CSS Profile. It is important to note that it generally takes 3-5 days to gain access to IDOC after submitting the CSS Profile.

Early Action Deadline Regular Action Deadline Transfer Deadline
CSS Profile November 1 February 1 March 1
IDOC Packet November 11 February 1 March 1

Harvard University scholarships for International students

Aside the main Harvard University financial aid, there are other Harvard University Scholarships for International Students. Prospective international students are also encouraged to broaden their chances of getting scholarships by visiting the webpages of the university’s 15 schools or faculties to access other financial aids and scholarships options offered by these schools to prospective students. Harvard scholarship for international students can be gotten through Harvard University Committee on General Scholarships with external scholarships from various countries and private organizations. Here is a list of them:

  1. The Harvard Arab Alumni Association Scholarship Fund for Arab students
  2. The Francis and Peggy Cahn Fund and Amalia Lacroze De Fortabat Fellowship Fund for Argentinian students.
  3. Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship and Robert Gordon Menzies Scholarship for Australian students.
  4. Frank Boas Scholarship Fund Algerian students.
  5. Jorge Paulo Lemann Fellowships for Brazilians.
  6. Frank Knox Memorial Fellowship for Canadians, UK students and New Zealandia’s.
  7. The Harvard-China Fellowship Fund for Chinese students.
  8. The Guo Family Fellowship Fund for Chinese students.
  9. The Qiu Family Fellowship Fund for Chinese students.
  10. Zlatko and Joyce Balokovic Scholarship Fund for Croatians.
  11. Arthur Sachs Scholarship for French citizens.
  12. Ecole Normale Superieure Exchange Students for French citizens.
  13. Sciences-Po Exchange Students for French students.
  14. Jean Gaillard Fellowship Fund for French students studying at MIT that want to study in Harvard (exchange program).
  15. Charles W. Holtzer Fellowships for Germans.
  16. Hellenic Harvard Scholarship Fund for Greek students.
  17. Hong Kong Jockey Club Graduate Scholarships for Hong Kong students.
  18. Fundacion Mexico en Harvard Scholarships for Mexicans.
  19. The Dionisio Garza Medina Family Harvard University Graduate Fellowship for Mexicans.
  20. The Henry Villalon OPM’99 and Rosalie Ramirez Magana Fellowship Fund for Mexicans.
  21. The Ayala Scholarship Fund for Philipinos.
  22. The Eugenio Lopez Scholarship Fund for Philipinos.
  23. The Harvard Club of Poland Fellowship Fund for Polish students.
  24. Real Colegio Complutense Scholarships for Spanish students.
  25. Joseph Hodges Choate Fellowship Students from University of Cambridge (exchange program).
  26. Harlech Scholarship Students from New College, Oxford (exchange program).
  27. Michael Von Clemm Fellowship Students from Corpus Christi College (exchange program).

Harvard University is a great institution for students who aim to get the best in terms of quality education. The rewards and opportunities of studying in this university are vast with its strong alumni. Hence, I implore you to make good use of the Harvard University scholarships for International students.

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