20 Dec, 2016

Guidance to Study in America for International Students

Guidance to Study in America for International Students. In the last couple of years, I realized that people who choose to study abroad  in America do so, without doing proper research or seeking help from an expert. International students around the world seek to study in America because of the prestige, which is also, geared towards academic excellence.

As an International recruiter, I will guide you through the process.Making use of your available Students applying to schools in America apply with having several questions about the application process.

  1. Can my parents/guardian afford the Tuition cost?

Tuition varies per state, as well as per major. The tuition for Universities ranges from $7,000 – $10,000 a semester. This does not include housing fees. It recommended that funds are available at the start of each semester, ensuring access to courses and access to dormitories. If you are unable to make payments,  it is imperative that you wait another semester to properly fund your education.

  1. Should I pay the full amount before obtaining my I-20?

Yes, You want the full payment before obtaining your  I-20. The embassy, see’s that you are serious and financially ready to pursue your education in the United States of America. This isn’t guaranteed your acceptance, although it increases your chances of obtaining a visa.

  1. Do they offer the Major am looking for?

Don’t be complacent with any Major. Make sure it’s what you want and have been looking for, if they don’t offer it, move on to the next University.

  1. Do I have Admission requirements for the school? TOEFL/ GRE/ SAT/ IELTS/

If you don’t have the exams listed above, it’s possible to apply to other schools. Taking the exams increases your chances of acceptance into universities of your choice. However, this does not apply to all universities.

  1. How long will it take to complete my program?

This depends on your dedication and financial stability. Most undergraduate programs in the US are four years, but Graduate programs, may last twelve to sixteen months.

  1. What are the scholarship options for international students?

Universities have several scholarships available for students. Scholarships help students with academic excellence, and those that are in organizations. There are specific scholarships for international students and the amount varies per school. This is why am giving you Guidance to Study in America for international students

  1. Is this an Accredited University/School?

There are schools that don’t  meet the essential recommendation for academic excellence in such instances, you will need to apply to other universities with accreditation.

Once you have answered these questions, then you have a solid idea whether you are fit to get admitted into  your dream University.

Also, if the listed guidance to study in America for International Students program doesn’t answer your curiosity,  then look for another alternative University that will admit you or contact me directly.