8 Aug, 2017

How to get a US Scholarship

Scholarships to study in the United States of America don’t come easy.  This, coupled with the expensive nature of a US University education makes knowing how to get a US scholarship vital to your pursuit in furthering your education.

They’re a lot of things involved, like writing exams, eligibility checks but the intending student should not be discouraged. This article will shed more light on how to get a US scholarship and by the time you are done you will have enough insight to get a US scholarship.

The first thing every international student needs to know is that there are thousands of scholarships to study in US. The student only needs to know some basics points before proceeding to apply.

These basic points will guide the student in getting the right scholarship:

Research Thoroughly.

This is the most important point when looking for how to get a US scholarship, the internet is the starting point and ought to be the base for most of your research.

Applicants in need of scholarships should carry out extensive research. You will need to research available scholarships, universities offering scholarships, the time duration of the scholarships, financial benefits of the scholarships etc.

As you carry out your research thoroughly, more opportunities will avail.  During the course of the research, you will find out that some scholarships are full and others are partial.


Small details like this are what make the research before application so essential. The student can even start research by visiting the official website of the school choice.  This leads to the next point

Prepare Intensively. 

Scholarships differ across the board. Some scholarships will require you to write examinations. While you may be exceptionally intelligent, if you are not conversant with the marking methods and rules of the prerequisite examinations, you might not pass excellently. As such, it is pertinent that you test yourselves multiply with TOEFL, GRE and SAT to get an understanding of the exams.

Improve Essay writing skills. 

Scholarships might not require you to take exams, but rest assured that they will require you to write Essays. Writing good essays should be second nature. So, practice essay writing, hone your essay writing skills and try to be passionate about the topic you decide to write on.

The scholarship board will receive numerous scholarship essays, so do your best and ensure that your essay is concise, devoid of error and on point.

Eligibility status. 

Upon researching, you will find thousands of scholarships. Out of the thousands of US scholarships, you will also find out that you are not eligible for them all. Thus, to be more direct in your application process and to avoid duplicity, you should apply for mainly the ones which fit you the most.

Some of the scholarships might demand that applicants come from a specific ethnic origin, gender or even require you to have a particular talent. Likewise, some scholarships will be solely decided by your academic achievements and community track record. So, it is necessary to apply for scholarships you are eligible for.

Network with People. 

This point cannot be over emphasized. Network well with people that got scholarships to study in the United States.

Network with fellow applicants seeking to further their education in the US through scholarships. Networking will broaden your horizon and present you with a lot of useful information that will further improve the chances of you nailing a scholarship.

Be Organized. 

Organization is very important. All the documents ought to be within arm’s length. It is best if you save all the documents that will be needful during the course of your scholarship application in a secure folder on your computer.

If you do not possess a computer, you can send the documents to your email address or your smart internet tools like Google drive or Dropbox.  Once you do this, no scholarship application will catch you unawares.

How to get a US Scholarship


Gather the required and necessary information for your scholarship application, this might seem easy at first but you will find out that different scholarships have different information requirements from you the applicant.

Some scholarships will require a proof of origin or a letter from your community head. Others will require that you are below a specific age. However, in the process of gathering the mandatory information make certain the truthfulness information.


Scholarships bear an uncanny semblance to a job interview. They both require top notch presentation.  Presentation in scholarship applications means having the goal in mind and justifying for the specific scholarship application.


Every scholarship comes with a deadline. Try to not miss the deadline for application. Also, try not to apply too close to the deadline. However if you have taken note of the previous point, missing deadlines will not arise.

When looking for a US scholarship, your checklist should give you an overview of your standing. The checklist should answer some pertinent scholarships like

  1. Am I eligible for this scholarship?
  2. Do I meet the minimum requirements to apply for this scholarship?
  3. Do I have the necessary credentials to apply for this scholarship?
  4. What is the deadline for this scholarship?
  5. Has my application been vetted by a friend or family member?

Once you have answered this questions affirmatively and you have met all the requirements, rest assured that your scholarship application will be reviewed appropriately by the scholarship review board.

When looking for how to get a US scholarship, the most important resource will be the internet. Some helpful tips are listed.

Online searches- Perform very specific online searches with key phrases like how to get a US Scholarship. The internet is the starting point for most scholarships application.

Register on University websites- Every United States University has an official school website. Register on this website as a guest and search for their financial aid contact. Contact their financial aid body and start making all the inquiries. The financial aid adviser is there to ensure you get the financial help that can be appropriated to you.

United States of America Consul. This is something most applicants overlook. The United States of America consul in Nigeria is always abreast of the on goings in US universities and they will be a source for useful information when inquiring as to how to get a US Scholarship.

Ministry of Education. At the federal level, state level and local government level there are different structures put in place to finance students to study in the United States. Some of them like the NDDC scholarship or TETFUND will rely on your eligibility status.

Getting a US scholarship is not so complicated, it may seem daunting and impossible but all that is needed is to taking the necessary steps and apply on time. Good luck.

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