24 Jul, 2017

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

Choosing the Cheapest Community Colleges For International students  is as important as any life-changing decision you’ll ever make. The choice of an academic institution should not be taken lightly, because it is the beginning of your future career. While choosing an institution is important, attention should be paid to the cost of getting the degree, and the duration of studies.

Statistics show that many people are now shifting their attention from expensive 4-year institutions; universities and colleges to choose affordable community colleges. While universities may seem expensive, community colleges provide more affordable education and there are lots of community colleges in the United States to choose from.

The United States is home to over 1,000 community colleges, these colleges are primarily two-year public institutions of higher education. They are also called technical or city colleges. They award certificates, associate degrees and diploma. Community colleges are known for charging extremely low tuition and their versatility. They offer many career oriented programs and adult educations.

There are over a thousand cheapest community colleges in the United States for international students  to choose from. The vast number of cheap community college in United States can make it confusing for students to choose from.  Before any choice is made, it is important to do a check and choose the ones that fits your interest as a student.

To set you on the right path, we have reviewed over 100 of the cheapest community college in the United States. After, thorough review, we chose six of the cheapest community colleges for international students based on the following criteria; High deployment rate, large selection of areas of study, student diversity, and most importantly, the tuition fee and availability of financial aids.

  1. High Deployment Rate

Community colleges graduates are well equipped with workforce and technical skills. These skills are in high demand by businesses. According to recent studies, community college graduates earn a higher starting salary than those from 4-year institutions. However, some community college have high stronger rates of employment than others.

2. Large Selection of Areas of Study

Some community colleges offer a wide selection of areas to study. This enhances academic flexibility. Graduates from these community college have been found to adapt well when they move to a 4-year institution.

3. Student Diversity

Some of these cheapest community colleges for international students have policies and practices in place to encourage student diversity. Their admission rate favors under-represented racial or ethnic groups. The prospective international student stands a higher rate of acceptance in these community colleges.

  1. Tuition Fee and Availability of Financial Aids

Community colleges offer a variety of financial aids international students can take advantage of. In most institutions in the US, the options of financial aids are usually competitive and few in number for international students. The colleges featured in this article offer international students, a large variety of financial aids to choose from.

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

1.Mayland Community College

  Spruce Spine, North Carolina.

  Average Tuition: $2,429.Cheapest Community Colleges For International students


Established in 1970, this community college is part of the North Carolina community college system. The college has a partnership with different colleges and universities, this facilitates easy transfer process should a transfer be necessary. It has 3 main academic divisions; Arts and Sciences, Career Technologies, and Health Sciences.

This college provides lots of scholarship programs for its students through the MCC Foundation Scholarship program and other organizations. The financial aids cover a large percentage of other costs. This is one of the Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

2.Northeast Community College

  Norfolk, Nebraska.

  Average Tuition: $2,475

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

The Northeast community college was established in 1973 and currently has four locations in Nebraska; Norfolk(headquarters), O’Neill, South Sioux, and West point. About 99% of Northeast Community College graduates either get employment or continue their education.

Every year, the college receives a huge amount of financial aids for its students. The school offers a year or two years for adult education, vocational, and liberal arts.

  1. Mountain Empire Community College

  Big Stone Gap, Virginia.

  Average Tuition: $3,060.

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

Popular for its many areas of study, this community college not only offers conventional courses, but also unique programs like welding, and correctional services. The MECC offers great transfer programs for students planning to move on to a 4-year institution.

Approximately 94% of MECC students receive financial aids. This helps in covering the costs of other fees; living costs and textbooks. Applying for this college is easy and it is done by completing the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) online application.

Upon completion of this form, students are given a student ID number, a username and temporary password on the confirmation page.

  1. Madisonville Community College

  Madisonville, Kentucky

  Average Tuition: $3,528

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

This community college does not take the interest of its students lightly. With an affordable tuition and financial aids, like federal and state grants, loans, scholarship and also work-study opportunities.

There are six academic divisions: Humanities, Math and Natural Sciences, Nursing, Allied Health, Applied Technology, and Social Sciences. There are various online classes through the MCC and Kentucky Virtual Campus.

5.East Mississippi Community College

  East Mississippi

  Average Tuition: $2,200Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

The college has two main campuses and offers course at five other locations. These locations are spread across various counties. It helps in connecting with the students by reducing the distance. There are many financial aids package available for its students. Scooba, one of the main campus provides top quality residential facilities for over 600 students. The school also hosts a physical Plant Complex, and a Wellness and Fitness Center.

  1. Cleveland Community College

  Shelby, North Carolina.

  Average Tuition: $2,304.

Cheapest Community Colleges For International students

Located in Shelby, North Carolina. The Cleveland Community College is one of the Cheapest Community Colleges For International students with high standards. All the students of this college receive financial aids. The college offers a variety of distance learning courses for its students through Blackboard. On Campus, students can get involved in various extra-curricular activities, such as the Campus Crusade for Christ, and the National Technical Honors Society, and other organizations. The host community boasts of student-friendly living conditions.