24 Jul, 2017

Cheapest Community Colleges in America

In the quest of gaining a higher education after high school, most students are faced with the choice of what institutions, colleges and universities to attend. These choices are based on a certain number of factors such as tuition fees, type of degree offered by the school, cost of living in the school environment and access to grants and scholarships this is why study search for the cheapest community colleges in America

Students pursuing higher education and degrees in universities and colleges are often faced with, difficulty in gaining admission, high tuition fees when they gain admission and expensive cost of living. Community colleges offer a way of escaping such high demands.

Community colleges are public institutions which grant associate degrees and certificate to her students after a period of 2 years or less depending on the program. Getting an admission into a community college is relatively easy as most of them employ an open-door policy whereby any one that applies gets admitted.

As with other tertiary institutions in America, there are very expensive community colleges with tuition fees ranging up to $9000 and very affordable community colleges which net price ranges from $2500-$3000. The determinants on the cheapness and affordability is on certain criteria discussed below.

Cost of tuition for the Cheapest Community Colleges in America

The cheapest and affordable community colleges in America usually have tuition fees ranging from $2500-$3500. These values are usually the sum total of the fees that would be paid in the entire duration of the program.

Cost of living:

Although most community colleges do not offer in house accommodation and hostel services, they are located in communities where the general cost of living is highly favorable and cheap. Some of the  Cheapest Community Colleges in America  exist in communities where the cost of living is on the high side. Prospective students should endeavor to take appropriate measures in ensuring that their selected school is not in a community where the cost of living is high.

Access to financial aid and scholarships:

Tertiary institutions like universities and colleges are not the only ones that have access to grants, financial aid and scholarships. Students of community colleges have access to grants, financial aid and student loans. Some grants are open to all community college students while in some, some criteria have to be met in getting the grants.


Accreditation is an important factor when selecting and choosing affordable community colleges. Accreditation comes in two folds; regional accreditation and national accreditation. Students should confirm from the school’s website if they are accredited.

In assisting you in the process of selecting the cheapest community college in America, we have categorized certain community colleges with tuition range of $2500-$3500. Each of these community colleges is high class and offer quality education.

Coffeyville community college

Coffeyville, Kansas

Net price: $3,097

Established in 1923, this community college has close ties with the university of Kansas. The school offers associate degrees and certificates in various majors as well as an associate degree in arts for online students. The school unlike most community colleges has a Hal of residence for its students, although the prices are high. However, there are several grants, student loans, financial aid and scholarship that help to reduce the total cost to a very small amount.

The school gives platforms to her students to engage in leadership programs, humanities project and sporting activities. At an annual cost of $3097, Coffeyville community college is one of the Cheapest Community Colleges in America

Central Wyoming college

Riverton, Wyoming.

Net price: $2,540

In addition to offering associate undergraduate degrees, various certifications are also awarded by the central Wyoming college which offers more than 30 programs. Having been established in 1966, the school with its unique historical and geographical location provides excellent learning experience outside the classroom.

One unique asset of the school is that the students immediately enter the job market because the school focus on applied technical programs. Hall of residence for her students are available. More than 90% of students in the school are on one form of financial aid or the other, this will bode well for incoming students who would want to seek such assistance. The school is located in an area were the cost of living is moderate and all this add to the affordability and cheapness of the school.

Cheapest Community Colleges in America

East Mississippi community college

Cheapest Community Colleges in America

Scooba, Mississippi.

Net price: $3,490

The school was founded in 1927 and it is highly rated for its academic and technical programs. It is accredited to award associate degree in applied science as well as arts. The school is known for its strong sporting attributes in both athletics and football.

The net tuition is at $3,490, with each student opportune to get grants and scholarships. Employ-ability of the students is very high because of the technical degrees offered by the school.

Oxnard community college

Cheapest Community Colleges in America

Oxnard, California

Net price: $2693

With an outlay of over 6000 students, Oxnard community college is a renowned community college with a highly affordable scheme that provides students with excellent educational pathways. The school dental hygienist program is ranked amongst the top 5 American programs. It houses 4 academic departments and impressive facilities.

The school is cost effective and highly affordable with her students having access to grants and scholarships and a favorable cost of living in the community.

Houston community college

Houston, Texas

Net price: $3,358

Cheapest Community Colleges in America

With the school having over 50,000 students, Houston community college is one of the renowned community institutions in america. It has over 21 21 different programs where students can earn associate degree or certificates. With a 56percent graduation rate, the school standout and thus increasing the employability of her students.

Over 70percent of the students in the school are one either a scholarship, financial aid or grant. These makes it one of the cheapest and affordable community colleges in America. The school has a very open admission policy which means students from any nationality is welcome.

In conclusion, despite the availability of expensive tertiary institutions in America, there still Cheapest Community Colleges in America available and they render quality educational services which are second to non.