Best school for international students

27 Nov, 2016

Best school for international students

With a rich diversity of 1,800 students from 84 countries, the University of Central Oklahoma has been recognized as the best school for international students. It has been consistently winning this title and based on the Open Doors Report on International Education Exchange, the UCO stood 13; gaining one position in the comparative study of educational institutes in the United States. There were a total of 67% international students from various countries like Korea, Vietnam, and Saudi Arabia etc.  International Students find UCO to be a great place owing to the metropolitan crowd and the wide range of facilities that are offered here.

 There is a great level of collaboration among international students and they blend in well with the American students as well. The major reasons for UCO being a preference among international students are the faculty-student interactions, small size of classes, rich history of UCO and the affordability factor of the university, which makes it a favorite among the international student community. Also, UCO has taken it a step ahead by launching various programs such as “Broncho Buddies” and “CRSIP: Community Responding to International Students Program”, which further assist the international students in Oklahoma.

These programs are carried out by involving the faculty as well, due to which the international enrollment numbers continue to grow. The International Student Council has representatives from various countries such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ivory Coast, Taiwan and they mutually collaborate for various campus activities and in areas where international collaboration is required. Due to this, they assist each other regarding internship and scholarship opportunities. Dennis Dunham, the executive director of Office of Global Affairs, stated that the University of Central Oklahoma is continuously coming up with various programs to assist international students seeking admissions.

Also, the largest number of international students in Oklahoma is from China, with India ranking second and Saudi Arabia third. The admission officials also spoke about how they encourage international students to pursue a course from UCO. They said that they prefer students from the international community who are willing to pay fully for their education rather than applying for a scholarship or financial aid. The university also benefits from having diversity in their student strength as students get exposed to different cultures, backgrounds and perspectives; thereby making them competent on a global scale. The international students generally pay full fees; which also helps the universities financially.

On the whole, the University of Central Oklahoma is a great university that offers multiple programs for associate, bachelor and masters’ students. It boasts of five residential locations with multiple dining options that make life at the university great! Students from all countries and age groups are present here and hence, none of the students ever feel out of place! Students who wish to indulge in extracurricular activities also have a variety of options to choose from to hone their interests this is why its the Best school for international students