20 Jul, 2017

Apply for US tourist visa

This is how to apply for US tourist visa. A visit to the United States for enjoyment and relaxation can be an exhilarating experience. People that wish to stay in the United States for a period are required to apply for  US tourist visa; this is in accordance with the rules laid down by the United States government. Having a US tourist visa allows individuals to tour the country within the stipulated period allocated on the US tourist visa.

Apply for US tourist visa

For a citizen of a foreign nation to visit the United States, a visa must be obtained. Whether its business or pleasure, the purpose of the visit determines the visa that should be applied for. Non-immigrant visas are required for individuals visiting on business purposes. This kind of visa is categorized as visa B-1, while tourism, enjoyment or visiting purposes are categorized as visa B-2. Moreover, for the combination of both purposes, a B-1/B-2 visa is required.

United States Tourist Visa Qualification

Visiting United States for pleasure and relaxation is not the only criteria to apply for US tourist visa. This visa can also be given to people seeking admission into American universities, colleges, conferences or convention, medical treatment and sporting activities etc.

How to apply for US Tourist Visa

There are step-by-step procedures that must be followed before one can apply for US tourist visa. In addition, these procedures invariably depend on the US Embassy an application is submitted for a visa. While it is important to meet basic requirements, it is advisable to consult the nearest US Embassy to you of consult a travel specialist on instructions and guidelines.


Fill the Online Visa Application

  1. For Non-immigrant Online Visa Application Form DS-160; applicants are required to complete the online visa form; print the application form confirmation page, as this will be required during the interview.
  2. Upload a passport photograph: you are to upload your passport photograph while filling the Form DS-160. The passport photograph must be in line with the instructions provided.

Schedule an Interview

Not all applicants are required to schedule an interview. Interviews depends on the applicant’s age. In addition, consular officers have the power to request any applicant for interview, irrespective of the applicant’s age. For applicants below 13 years of age, an interview is not required. Applicants between ages 14-79 are required to attend an interview session although exceptions are granted in a few cases. For applicants from ages 80 and above, an interview is not required.

Before an interview can take place, an appointment must be scheduled. Interviews are held at the US Embassy of your country of residence. However, it is important to note that it can be difficult to be awarded a visa if you apply outside your country of permanent residence.

Apply for your visa early, as interview appointment time is highly competitive, it is crucial to turn in an application early. Check the interview wait time available in your country to ensure you have adequate time to schedule an interview.

 Prepare for the Interview

Non-refundable Visa Application fee- you are to pay the non-refundable visa application fee. And after visa approval, you will be required to pay visa issuance fee, this depends on your nationality.

Read the instructions available on the US Embassy, or consult your travel agent to get details of what is required from you.

Apply for US tourist visa

Necessary Documents

It is important to make sure that all necessary document is gathered and arranged neatly before the interview. The following are the required documents;

Passport: this must be valid to travel to the United States. It must be valid for nothing less than six months beyond your period of stay in the US. In case more than one person is included in your passport and each of them needs visa, each person must submit a separate visa application.

Non-immigrant Visa Application, Form DS-160 confirmation page.

If you are required to pay visa application fee before the interview, you are to present the receipt.

Passport photograph must be uploaded when completing the online visa form. If you are unable to upload your photo, you are to present an original one in the format given.

Additional documents may be required. Check for more information on documentation on the US Embassy website for information about your country. Some additional documents may include; the purpose of your visit; your intention about leaving the US after your visit; and lastly, your financial capabilities, not usually required at all times. If you will be unable to take care of your expenses, you must show evidence that another person will cover it on your behalf.

Information regarding your family and employment will be needed and must be enough to back up the purpose of your trip and intention to return to your country of residence after your trip.

It must be noted that a visa applicant must be qualify based on the applicant’s residence and overseas ties. It is based on the assurances from relations in United States. Letter of invitation and/ Affidavit of Support is not required when applying for US tourist visa or B-2 visa. And, if at all you are opportune to present your letter of Invitation or Affidavit of Support during the interview, this does not guarantee your visa approval as it is not one of the determinant factors to either award or deny you B-2 visa.

Be present at your Interview

A consular officer will interview you on the day of your interview. The consular officer will determine whether you are qualified to be awarded or denied a visa. If you are lucky to receive the visa. You have to prove to the officer that you have meet every requirement under the US government stipulated rules to be awarded a B-2 visa.

More so, your fingerprint will be taken during the interview. This is part of the process. After the visa interview, administrative process will follow next on your application. The consular officer will inform you if further processing will be done or not on your application.

Lastly,  if your visa is approved, you will be required to pay a visa issuance fee, this depends on nationality. How to get back your passport plus visa will be communicated to you. Go to the visa processing time on the website to check how soon your passport with visa will be ready for delivery.

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