5 Feb, 2017

Admissions Counselor

Every year statistics are released about college admissions that are conducted in the diaspora. Thousands and still counting of these students apply to colleges that provided single digit acceptance fees and it feels like a special gem has been found, once selected. Amidst these, many parents go extra miles, to find the resources that will help their children and give them an edge, such as Admissions counselor and Academic tutors. Students are assisted in their development and growth by designing educational plans which are meaningful and compatible with their life goals. These help them in choosing what they want, with the guidance that is provided by the Admissions Counselor, the right steps are taken to guide them along the successful path of life. As we all know that, effective admission advising is the key point of gaining admission and the cornerstone of gaining admission into a High Ranking University.

The Admissions Counselor takes it upon himself, to make sure the clients is properly guided when choosing a college and makes sure the student in selected, due to their experience of directing students towards the right parts.


Responsibilities of an Admissions Counselor

Responsibilities of an Admission adviser are an active role, as he keeps himself updated about many things (which we will be looking into) so as to guarantee the successful outcome of his student from helping them with the choice of school to getting their VISAS.

  1. Creating lists of Affordable and Suitable Schools.

It is the sole responsibility of Admissions Counselor, to create the list of schools, which will best suit your interest and financial level. The Admissions Counselor will ask you about your interest, goals in life to know what school to place you in.  The decision of the Admissions Counselor comes with various schools that you can comfortably relate to when you finally get to the school of your choice.

  1. Developing Realistic Educational Plans

Without a plan, there are no goals or achievements to success. A realistic educational plan should be developed to suit the abilities of the student. The success of the student is the major concern of the Admissions Counselor, which is what gives the adviser satisfaction to see his clients achieving greater heights and the admission adviser always works towards that, hand in hand with the student and the student is being given greater support to meet those plans.

  1. Providing Information about the School

The adviser knows the ins and outs of the university you have selected and will offer you the right information you need to have, ranging from; tuition fees, programs being offered, accommodation setting, sports done in the school and much more. With Admission Adviser you need not worry about searching online for information, as they have all the information you are seeking for.

  1. Active Problem Solving

Due to the experience, the adviser has, they know-how to explore all the possible solutions and options to the situations you may be concerned about, also have the solutions to solving those situations. You need not be worried when faced with a situation, you just need to contact the Admission Adviser and watch how your situation is being resolved.

  1. Creating an Interactive Environment

An interactive environment should be created by admission adviser, for you to have that confidence and openness to talk and share what is within you. These enable trust-creation; so that the adviser can know what you want and need, to guide you through the right path and helps him (adviser) know which role he will actively play with you, to work with you, towards attaining that success that you need.

  1. Keep you Updated.

Admission Adviser always keeps you updated on the important schedules you have, also, to update you about the deadline dates towards the admission processing, tells you the best time to process your admission, so to give you the opportunity to be selected, as most schools select students who apply early.

Parental Roles in Admission Processing

The parents also have an important role to play, to meet the success their child’s desires, when it comes to gaining admission and to bring out the best in the children. The roles the parents will also be playing are critical roles, which are;

  1. Support and Encouragement

Sometimes in our lives, we need support and encouragement when starting something new. Your children need your support, because this is the part in developing their future, this is when they decide what they will be in future, how they want to contribute to the family and environment and the need someone, that’s close to them to support them, as this is a critical decision in their lives and with the help of the Admission that is being achieved together.

  1. Maintaining Regular Contacts

When maintaining regular contact with your child, it shows that you care about what he/she is doing and this gives the boost, the child needs to put in more efforts towards accomplishing the task of getting a high score in the exams, as to be selected into the school of choice and the admission adviser always guides him on which type of exam to choose and how to answer those questions.

  1. Give Advice when Needed

Give your child the best advice when needed, especially during the time of choosing their path in life. When choosing which university they desire take time to ask them some questions, but when they are critical questions you may contact Admissions Counselor for such services as it is their duty to make sure your child selects the best university that fit his/her life path.

The life path of a student starts when he/she is choosing his career path and not only that, the school, which will groom the student towards the career choice and also give all the necessary requirements and tools, to change the student into the career of choice and this is only possible by contacting Admissions Counselor, as the make sure the dreams of their clients becomes a reality, by guiding the students.

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