31 Jan, 2017

Study in the US Admission Counselor  Nigeria

Admission counselor Nigeria named Angyer Barnabas Vandefan or mostly known as MR VAN mostly works for several universities in the USA, he assists students with admissions paperwork, recruit students and also to establish outreach programs to promote school programs. Admissions counselors are sometimes hired by high schools to assist their outgoing seniors with the college application process.

Admissions counselors, both at the college level and high schools, have a wide variety of responsibilities involved with the application process as that’s one of his major works, since he  works closely with universities in America to provide standard and reliable services to his clients, so as to make sure, his  candidates really watch their dreams come true.

Duties of an Admission Counselor

There are many duties that are being carried out by Admission Counselor Nigeria, which will really interest you; especially in your desire to secure admission for your tertiary education abroad. Admissions Counselor provides crucial services, highlighted are a few of the services you can benefit from by hiring an admissions counselor.


  1. He Conduct Information sessions for visiting students and parents


Admission counselor provides information that is very important to visiting students and parents, the information he provides can be insightful when considering an institution to study. If you want to study in the United States, an admissions counselor will be beneficial in many ways for you. You should feel free to ask your admission counselor’s questions, he will always be there for you and will guide you in your decision-making so that you can make the right decisions. Your success is the priority for your admissions counselor and you can feel free to discuss anything.


  1. He Maintains communication with all his clients


Communications are maintained by an admission counselor, via telephone, correspondence, and electronic mail with the prospective students through the whole stages of the admission processing and recruiting, real-time feedback is being given back to the clients, to know which processing stage has been achieved.


  1. Campus Tours are conducted by he


We all love going to new places and seeing new things, your counselor will guide you in your educational tour and will show you all the important and lovely places in the school, you will also have the opportunity to meet new friends and interact with people from different places and also take a long lasting good memories home, as these campus tours are always fun.


  1. He Reviews Your Admission Processes


The admission decision is done by Admission Counselor Nigeria to ascertain the possibilities of meeting the requirements to secure an admission. If the candidate passed the requirements for admission, a review can be done and the assessment can be helpful. The recruitment sessions often target groups of individuals, including nonresidents, transfer or students who are interested in applying to specific academic programs in the school. Admissions counselors always work with the department to come up with an effective system to gather, analyze and distribute incoming data, such as personal statements and application transcript of the students.


  1. He Guides through Course Selection


Admission counselor guides students in the course selection process. He can help you in finding courses that are best based on an analysis of students’ abilities and how you can work towards these courses, with the requirements needed to gain an admission for the course of your study. He also provides students with answers to questions about the school activities and admission procedures.


Advantages of Admission Counselor Nigeria.

After knowing the schools of your choice you want to contact Mr. Van, it is better to work closely with an Admission Counselor Nigeria as he will provide you with resources of information on developing a college list, financial aid and test. There are many advantages of working with an admission counselor, they include;


  1. Advice on which standardized exams to take.


Many students take different exams they think is right to take, while some take these exams for different reasons, not all exams are important. Many students take different exams due to the little knowledge they have about such exams, but with the help of an admission counselor, one can get the best decisions to make and avoid decisions that are unnecessary. He will put you through and tell you the right exams to take, the parts to focus on, how you should read about it and the particular score you need to aim, as to have a higher chance of being selected, also to give you the updates on when the exams usually take place.


  1. Strategy.


Application strategy is one of the most important factors you need to take note when applying for admission. Your admission counselor will always guide you through on how to apply, when to apply, where you will have the highest likelihood of gaining admission and scholarship.


  1. Personal Guidance


A one-on-one guidance is being provided to you by your admission counselor. You need to know that, you are not the only one applying to a large school, but you have other competitors, who are competing for what you also want, but with the guidance of your admission counselor, he will put you through on how to get successful in your admission process and he will lift some burden from you.


  1. Inside Knowledge


Admission counselors Mr. Van have an inside knowledge about the schools you are applying to, as he has gained lots of experience and knowledge working with different people. He also knows the universities to direct you, concerning the type of requirements you want such as; your course, fees, higher chances of getting admitted etc.


  1. Portfolio of an Admission Counselor you should look out for


The portfolio of an Admission Counselor should be credible. If an admissions counselor has a high success rate, you can be sure you are in good hands. This is by far, one of the best qualities to look out for when considering the services of an admissions counselor. Mr. Van knows the in and out of the admission processes and he always put in the best for the success of all his clients.


It’s really important for students to find their passions, both academic and non-academic, so as to know what they really want and to come across as unique, interesting and likable to admissions officers like Mr. Van. You will also be provided with admissions questions and also be helped in eliminating the stress that comes with the college admissions process. Making the right decision to attend the right college is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make because it deals with your future, it is, therefore, imperative to consider   Admission Counselor Nigeria as he will always ensure you make the right decisions throughout the process of securing an admission.


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